is a mobile urban collaboration tool that supports the collection and composition of sound and music across economic, cultural, and physical boundaries.

Camelôs are the street vendors of Rio's favelas. But more than that, they are a primary point of exchange and communication, a community fixture for whom having voice is essential. We name our platform Camelô in the hopes that it embodies those same qualities and enables a new kind of voice to people around the world.
Camelô seeks to enable both the sharing and mixing of sounds found or recorded via mobile phone, while reflecting the dynamically shifting character of the place from which they came.
The experience begins with the mobile phone and culminates in a web application that displays uploaded sound clips associated with a map thumbnail as well as a map view. Later, the application will facilitate the creation of compositions which themselves will reflect the multitude of place from which they came.
Camelô began in Rio with a series of workshops in three of the city's most dynamic communities: Rocinha, Vidigal, and Cruzada . We are currently leveraging the very valuable feedback and insight from those field-tests to create a global platform that creates connections across physical, social, and economic boundaries across the globe.